The Brides and Grooms I have had the pleasure of photographing typically plan their beautiful wedding day over many stressful months and years. It’s the last few hours though before the special vows are taken that I find is one of the most emotionally charged times that I can capture some of the most beautiful shots of the day. The Bridal Prep.

I always find that the bridal prep is one of the most emotional parts of the day along with two others stages of the wedding day which I will come to in later blogs. It’s this moment that begins the special day, the moment when sisters and bridesmaids participate in the ceremony of helping the bride dress up, the moment when a mother’s heart is filled with joy and a father’s heart begins to break or even fill relieved that his daughter will finally be financially independent from him!

Most brides tell me the lengths they went to find the perfect shoes to match the dress that they had several fittings for or the journeys abroad that they took to find the perfect outfit(s) to wear. Let’s not forget the jewellery or the sentimental items such as ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ’. I feel that these precious and delicate pieces deserve importance in making sure they are photographed, sadly a lot of the time along with the stunning wedding dress these items get placed into a special box and stored away but I like to capture images of them to remind you to the part they played on the big day.

I usually arrive 1.5 hours before the bride is due to leave for the ceremony, that may be from the bride’s home, hotel or even the bridal suite at the venue. These last hours are usually emotional and can be extremely stressful for both the bride, groom and the bridal party. During these moments, I am usually floating around capturing the jewellery, dress and shoes along with images of the bride having their make – up done, dress put on and the bridal party secretly rushing but remain calm in front of the bride. I often find myself shooting using a zoom lens and utilising natural light so I am not to noticeable, but always there to help – I could tell you stories of the number of brides and mums I have helped get dressed. My clients have often said that I was more than a photographer, I can also say that I have also written several day plans for many of my couples.

I’m sure other photographers would agree that these bridal prep images along with groom prep images is a great way to start of a wedding album, it sets the tone and beautifully unfold the story of the wedding day.

Photographs: These images are taken from several weddings I have shot.