Themes, Decor & Pretty Little Things…

I really and truly love the effort that couples put into the theme and decor of a wedding. It is all the ‘small’ bits that create that beautiful big picture. I always find the theme says a lot about the journey the couple has been on throughout their relationship and it gives a real intimate insight into their lives.

I believe that capturing the decor and details such as favors and guest books are important, as it adds beautifully to the wedding album along with other pictures captured on the special day.

Prior to the wedding I always ask my clients to allow me some time to try and fit in photographing these bits, this maybe before the guests arrive or before the day begins. Sometimes this may be before the bridal prep shots (if the bride and groom are getting ready at the venue) other times this may be in between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. Either way I love to capture all the little things that make a  big difference.

Below are some pretty little things I’ve photographed.