Hey there!

So this is my first ever blog, this is well over due and in fact it’s a little embarrassing considering I have worked in the creative industries (Photography, TV, Film and Radio) for the past 13 years not to mention I am a former Media Studies Teacher! So by the power of my nagging husband constantly telling me to blog, here I am! It’s not that I have had no interest in blogging I just simply have not had the time. When I was at school I dreamed of writing for a Fashion Magazine, what I didn’t realise was….. I had to be able to write! I once read in Professional Photographer Magazine that “blogging should be regarded in the same way as running your own magazine”, so I guess this is my opportunity!

I first fell in love with taking photographs at the age of 13, mainly of people who are close and dear to me and of events that I knew I would never relive. I guess I caught that bug from my sisters who photographed my every move throughout my childhood.

The beauty of photography is that it allows us to capture life at the most perfect state, it allows us to freeze a moment in a time and place that not even prayers can bring back.

As new technology has developed, seizing those precious memories has never been so possible.

My adorable mother bought me my first Casio camera, my brother bought me my first Pentax SLR (I was the only person on my photography A Level course to have one) and my other brother bought me my first Canon DSLR (but I’m a Nikon user now) and that’s what kick started my photography career! My point being is that these special individuals encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to capture special memories.

I’m looking forward to sharing and discussing my work with you, I hope you will join me in my new journey.


Photographs: New York 2004