The giving away of the Bride…

It is interesting how this varies according to cultures, for a English wedding the giving away of the bride is usually as she is walked down the aisle traditionally by her father. In Asian cultures it’s at the end of the wedding when the bride is put into the car by her family and sent off to begin the new chapter of her life.  Never the less which ever culture or tradition you may follow it is an extremely moving part of the day and I’m not going to lie, I always well up inside watching it all very closely through my lens.

At these moments in time  emotions are at the highest points, there is a real mixture of emotions felt by the family, friends and guests. When photographing these shots it’s important for me to be at a distance, I truly believe this is when the family and bride need space but that’s also perfect for me as I can really capture the wider picture, the emotional expressions on individuals, the parents handing over the brides hand to the groom, the bride’s father trying to stay strong but shedding tears silently. This moment that moves everyone allows me to capture heartfelt images that finishes off the story in the wedding album beautifully.

Below are some images of those precise moments I’ve been writing about.